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Workflow automation: a plus for CRM

Workflow CRM automation is the transformation of an often tedious manual task into a largely automated one. Through this automation, employees can get rid of repetitive and monotonous tasks. They can focus on tasks with higher added value. And customers benefit from higher quality services.

Workflow automation vs. business process automation

Business Process Analysis (BPA) covers the majority of automation processes within the company. This management system integrates a program consisting of several workflows between different departments, users and customers. This includes workflow automation, job routing and robotic process automation (RPA).

The integration of new customers provides an understanding of business process automation. This system jointly implements relevant workflows in the areas of sales, finance and services:

1. Onboarding Workflow
Automatic initiation of the new customer onboarding.

2. Sales Workflow
Automatic configuration of a customer account.

3. Interdepartmental workflow
Cooperation between departments involved in customer relations.

4. Finance Workflow :
Configuration of automated payments.

Workflow automation and customer relationship

Integrating a CRM system into the enterprise gives the teams that interact with customers a 360-degree view of each customer. This view generated by automating certain tasks improves both the employee and customer experience. Automated workflows help eliminate bottlenecks by providing the right information to the right employee at the right time. As a result, they have a very positive impact on the revenue generated and the operational efficiency of the company.

Effective communication
Within the enterprise, an intelligent workflow can integrate CRM and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This dynamic allows information about consumer purchases to be communicated to sales teams.

Examples of CRM Workflow Automation

CRM workflow automation enables sales teams to support more in-depth customer operations. Without a broader context, it also increases the speed of work in other departments:

1. Customer Service
2. Sales
3. Marketing
4. Human Resources
5. IT

1. Automated workflows CRM for customer service

To optimize customer relationships, customer service teams must provide efficient (fast) assistance and quality case management. To achieve this excellence, employees rely on human-centric workflows. These workflows are designed to unify, automate and streamline multi-user, multi-step actions and touch points. When an employee no longer has to enter data at the beginning of a call, they spend more quality time with the customer. This availability gives him the guarantee that his file is perfectly followed.


  • Workflow of service failure

  • Project creation workflow

  • Dispute management workflow (credit card, etc.)

  • Workflow for customer ID verification

  • Workflow of preparation of collection calls

2. Automated workflows for sales

A customer who feels taken care of is more likely to purchase a product or service. With automated workflows, sales teams skip data entry and focus 100% on customer cases. This fluidity allows them to understand customer expectations/needs and offer more personalized solutions.


  • Workflow for creating quotes

  • Contract proposal workflow
  • Workflow for registering new customers

  • Workflow of file follow-up

  • Renewal reminder workflow

3. Automated Marketing Workflows CRM

3. Automated Marketing Workflows
To build customer loyalty through effective campaigns, marketing teams can use automated workflows. These workflows foster meaningful connections with prospects and customers.


  • Workflow for planning social media campaigns

  • Workflow for responding to negative customer
  • Workflow for opt-out / opt-in

  • Workflow for lead generation

  • Workflow for meeting reports

4. Automated workflows CRM for HR

HR teams also use automated workflows. This tool help them streamline recruitment campaigns. This automated workflow also help onboard new talent and provide a connected employee experience. This task automation has the added benefit of centralizing knowledge, support and applications. It also allows employees to quickly find answers to their requests and questions via their preferred channel.


  • Onboarding workflow for new talent

  • Expense management workflow

  • Payroll, budget or TimeSheet approval workflow

  • Performance review workflow

5. Automated workflows CRM for IT

Through automated workflows, the IT department has the ability to respond to support tickets in a timely manner. This fluidity ensures the security and compliance of software and hardware. It also contributes to employee productivity, no matter where they work.


  • Service request processing workflow

  • Project integration workflow

  • Workflow for employee account configuration

  • Software and device request workflow

The benefits in numbers

Streamlining internal workflows accounts for more than 60% of the problems managers are trying to solve.

Automation projects designed to alleviate growing workloads are favored by more than 70% of decision makers.

More than three quarters (75%) of technical managers who have automated part of their processes see a 10% production gain. This added value is close to four hours per 40-hour week.


In conclusion, workflow automation is a game-changer for businesses looking to improve their operational efficiency, increase revenue and enhance customer experience. By automating repetitive and monotonous tasks, employees can focus on more value-added tasks and customers receive higher quality services. With the integration of CRM and other enterprise systems, teams have a 360-degree view of each customer, providing them with the right information at the right time to eliminate bottlenecks. As demonstrated by the various examples provided, automated workflows have become an essential part of business processes in several departments, including customer service, sales, marketing, HR, and IT. With more than 60% of managers trying to streamline internal workflows and more than 70% of decision-makers favoring automation projects to alleviate growing workloads, it’s clear that workflow automation is a plus for CRM, contributing significantly to increased productivity and production gains for businesses.

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