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UX Design: also for business applications!

The success of consumer applications is largely due to an effective UX. 
In the corporate world, this consideration of the end-user's comfort is not yet sufficiently systematized. And that's a pity ...

The UX approach consists in designing ergonomic and intuitive systems by putting the user at the center of the design process. In the realization of a business application, UX Design consists in putting forward 3 operational levers: the emotion that the interaction with the user provides, the capacity to answer efficiently to the needs and the ease of use (usability).

Operational benefits

  • An ergonomic application, with an interface based on user needs, brings a real adhesion to the work tool and allows :
  • Save time in internal training
  • Satisfaction in the use of the business application
  • Saving time and money in the execution of tasks
  • Automation of business processes
  • A reduction in data entry errors
  • Employee satisfaction and better customer relations

A design in 5 phases

When an employee easily adopts his work tool, he accomplishes his daily tasks more quickly and gains in productivity. At imageplus, the design of these solutions is based on a proven methodology that revolves around 5 key phases:

  1. Programming phase: The objectives of the project are defined during an initial meeting between our project managers and the client. This first reflection includes the tools and resources to be deployed.
  2. Exploration phase: Group or individual workshops with the end-users of the solution allow to take stock of the users’ needs.
  3. Ideation phase: At the end of the exploration phase, the teams in charge of developing the solution address the design aspects during brainstorming workshops: experience, functionalities, user path, etc.
  4. Generation phase: The design of the tool is tested via wireframing (simulation of navigation within the system). This phase allows us to identify what really corresponds (or not) to the users’ needs.
  5. Evaluation phase: Implementation of full-scale tests to verify several key aspects: overall user experience, system usability, relevance of functionalities, fluidity of the user path, etc. At the end of this beta phase, the teams rework or remove solutions that do not effectively meet user needs.
UX stands for “User Experience” in English and “Expérience utilisateur” in French.
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