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Human resources software

Kwerio Human Resources is designed to automate, streamline HR tasks and processes. It is used to manage various aspects of HR, such as employee records, benefits and compensation, performance management and training and development.

Digital technology in human resource (HR)

Becomed essential, Kwerio HR providing companies with the tools and resources to streamline many processes.

  • Manage employee recruitment

  • onboarding and training more efficiently and cost-effectively.

In addition, it helps streamline performance management, employee relations and benefits administration.

Effortlessly manage all of your employees data.

Centralize vacation and recoveries, taxes, contracts, expense reports, status, schedules, promotions and more. The intuitive interface and robust capabilities of Kwerio enable you to prioritize what is most important: your people

Leading Through Resource Management

  • An online vacation request portal, which allows employees to submit and track their own vacation requests

  • Track and approve vacation requests

  • Ensure that employees are taking the time off they need to rest and recharge
  • Customizable report, select the data points and parameters you want to include in your report

  • Automatic data aggregation and calculation of key metrics, such as average employee tenure or performance ratings

  • Data visualization tools, such as charts and graphs, to help you present your data in a clear and visually appealing way
  • Training tools to schedule and manage training sessions

  • Track employee progress and completion of training courses

  • Tailor training programs to the needs and preferences of individual employees, or groups, to maximize the impact of your training efforts.
  • Build a high-performance culture

  • Increase engagement

  • Focus on your most valuable asset
Meeting between an HR and an employee

Kwerio Human Resource is designed to be customized to meet the needs of specific businesses and industries, while also providing a comprehensive suite of features that are designed to improve overall efficiency and productivity.

 It offers an easy-to-use dashboard, reporting interface, ensuring that users can quickly and easily access the most important HR data. 

Additionally, it provides a range of advanced analytics tools and resources, giving users the ability to drill down into their HR data and identify trends, areas for improvement and more. 

Finally, it includes a range of tools for managing and tracking employee performance, making it easy for companies to ensure their teams are delivering results.

The Mobile Revolution

“Kwerio HR is designed to be mobile-friendly, giving you the ability to access and manage employee data on the go.

Our mobile version allows you to view, update employee information, track performance and respond to employee inquiries from any location using either an iOS or Android device.

This flexibility enables you to stay connected and productive even when you’re away from the office and helps you provide better support for your team.

With Kwerio, you can build relationships and manage HR tasks from anywhere, at any time.”

human resources worker on his phone