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Modular ERP

An Enterprise Resource Planning system is software designed to help companies manage all aspects of their business operations. It includes accounting, human resources, inventory management, customer relationship management, project management, manufacturing, sales and marketing.

A robot automating workflow automation
Modular ERP

Workflow automation: a plus for CRM

Workflow CRM automation is the transformation of an often tedious manual task into a largely automated one. Through this automation, employees can get rid of repetitive and monotonous tasks. They can focus on tasks with higher added value. And customers benefit from higher quality services.

CRM Managing Team working
Modular ERP

The CRM, an intelligent tool at the service of the company!

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an intelligent tool for managing a company’s relationships and interactions with its customers and prospects. Most professionals consider it as a software capable of optimizing the management of contacts, sales and the customer life cycle (marketing, sales, e-commerce, UX, CX, etc.). In reality, this intelligent tool can also facilitate interactions between users from different departments, internal colleagues and suppliers.

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Modular ERP

The Importance of Investing in Quality Tools and Software for Employee Engagement and Talent Retention

Investing in quality tools and software is essential for organizations looking to improve employee engagement and talent retention. Quality software streamlines processes, automates repetitive tasks, and increases productivity and employee satisfaction. It also fosters innovation and creativity and allows remote work. Investing in quality software help companies attract and retain top talent.

Custom Corporate Cloud Software
Digital automation

UX Design: also for business applications!

The success of consumer applications is largely due to an effective UX. 
In the corporate world, this consideration of the end-user’s comfort is not yet sufficiently systematized. And that’s a pity …